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Monday, November 16, 2020

A Game of Khafka-esque Proportions

Caverns of Khafka took seemingly forever to load on our Atari 410 Program Recorder, but it was worth waiting for the software to load from magnetic tape. Your goal in this diabolically difficult game was to make your way through a deadly maze overflowing with different traps, monsters, lava pits, and other obstacles. Sean and I played this game until the cassette wore out. That was a sad day. 


Sean Woods said...

I don't remember the 1400/1450 Atari like at all, wow.

Sean Woods said...

*line, not like

Earl J. Woods said...

The 1400 and 1450XLD were cancelled and replaced by Atari's XL line, the 600XL and 800XL, which were the precursors to the 130XE that we had.

I desperately wanted a 1450XLD. Sometime in I think 1983 or 84, Dad took me to a computer fair held in that big silver office building on the corner of 124th street and 102 ave. The Atari booth had a bunch of fancy literature about their upcoming systems, and the 1400 and 1450XLD were prominently displayed. The 1450XLD had (or was to have had) two built-in floppy drives, a built-in voice synthesizer, built-in modem, and a mind-blowing 64K RAM.

Jeff Shyluk said...

Young Earl + Voice Synthesizer = Another Tick Closer For The Doomsday Clock.