Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All the News That's Fit to Fake

Today the Sun News Network revealed that Patrick Muttart, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Harper and until today a top Tory campaign operative, tried to plant a fake news story about Michael Ignatieff to SNN. Essentially, Muttart tried to pass off a photo of a gun-slinging commando as Ignatieff to imply that the Liberal leader was machine-gung-ho about the US invasion of Iraq.

To their credit and my surprise, Sun Media immediately ratted out the Tories. While I'm not a fan of Ignatieff's initially hawkish position on Iraq, he doesn't deserve this kind of desperate smear attack, nor should the voting public put up with blatant lies of this magnitude.

Naturally Muttart has fallen on his sword and returned to Chicago, while Stephen Harper, I'm sure, will take no responsibility for this farce. But he can't escape responsibility for choosing his friends poorly. The Prime Minister has surrounded himself with operatives of dubious character. What does that say about his own?

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