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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Computer Conundrums

My computer is not cooperating. Please treat this post as a placeholder and enjoy the archives.

UPDATE: Leave it to Jeff and Susan to turn a placeholder into something sweet and entertaining. Read their tale of electronic love in the Rejoinders, and see Jeff's illustration here

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Jeff and Susan said...

Since Earl cannot post today, his friends have taken it on themselves to post for him. This is the true story of Earl, Earl's computer, Prince Proton, and the Mayor's Daughter;

Not long ago, and not far away, there lived a man named Earl who's computer went astray. Armed with screwdriver and flashlight, anti-static pad made of felt, Earl prized open the access, and this is what he beheld--

Processors and resistors, main-frames and capacitors, circuit boards and diodes, all formed a mystical, fantastical, mini-mechanical domain known as Heisenburg's City.

The citizens were netizens, protonic and electronic, minature and pretty. Dashing and most numerous, when they went phishing they took the serial bus.

But lo, here by the C++ shore what do we see? The Mayor of Heisenburg's electron daughter, sitting idle, as Bohred as she can be.

"I went to the power bar for a drink," said she, "but the neutron waiter held no charge for me."

"I visited the rechargable batteries, but I found them to be revolting."

"I know my true love is out there, but all men I see go bolting. Is my aspect so jolting? Is it because of my negativity?"

"For yes, I am an electron and the Mayor's daughter true, but for the right man I have a dowry, a charge card and an operating system to boot."

Upon our lovely Electra you see, our hero Earl took great pity. With a poke and a whirl, Earl's screwdriver did twirl, coaxing a suitable proton on a hard drive across RAM's Gate to Heisenberg's City.

And then sweet Electra did blush. Her attraction to Prince Proton was almost too much. Electron and Proton mated like lioness and lion. Thoughtful Earl did think, these two I'll keep and ion.

Did Prince Proton take Electra as his energetic wife? Here is a story ending that has all you may ask, but light waves are not Catholic so there's no churches or mass.

You'll find them at the home key in true love and great laughter, where they lived in Lenovo for ever after. Not husband and wife but sine and cosine, together forever until the