Monday, April 18, 2011

Summing Up Superman

Way back in 1983, writer Marv Wolfman and artist Curt Swan captured the essential decency of Superman's character perfectly in Action Comics #543. When people ask me why Superman is my favourite character, I tell them it's not because of his super-strength or his heat vision or even super-ventriloquism (yes, that's a real power) - it's his fundamental goodness. Here Superman utterly defeats the diabolical Vandal Savage without even touching him. Technically I suppose Superman is guilty of wiretapping here, but if ever there was just cause, I'd say Savage's defamatory actions (seen over the past two issues) qualify. I love it when writers remember that Superman has brains as well as brawn, and that he looks for non-violent solutions whenever possible. I think he sets a pretty good example for a fictional character.

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Totty said...

Fortunately, wiretapping is only an offense in certain states, so even that isn't strictly a bad act.