Friday, September 16, 2011

Canada Writes

My friend Neil Mackie has challenged me to participate in the Canada Writes short story contest. I have agreed to do so, not because I have any illusions about winning, but because I'm fundamentally lazy when it comes to working on my fiction and Neil's challenge provides an impetus. After the winners are announced, I'll post my story here - and Neil's too, if he's interested.

At this point I have no idea what my 1200-1500 word short story will be about. Hopefully I won't completely embarrass myself.

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"A Jeff Of The Twilight Times" said...

I hope you do write a story where you (as a character) completely embarasses yourself. Or better still, write about your Uncle George, The Champ. I thought that was your finest blog entry, and most deserving of your storytelling talent. I would love to know more about George Henry Walpole Woods.

I notice that there's a $25 entry fee for the contest - typical CBC beancounting. If I put up $12.50 of your fee, can I have $3,000 of your winnings , half of the $6,000 pot? I figure it would be like supporting a 50/50 draw, only my odds are way better.