Friday, September 02, 2011

The Pickup Roars Again

In response to Jeff's feedback regarding my last attempt at photomanipulation, here's another attempt to craft...well, I'm not sure what this is. An early frame of a film? A movie poster? Anyway, as Jeff suggested I've tried to reduce the emphasis on "the" and "that," and I've also chopped out a section of the wall, bringing the sign right down over the door. You can see that the wall colours don't quite match; I'm not sure yet how to fix that. But overall, I think this represents an improvement. As Jeff says, "baby steps..."


Totty said...

Shouldn't it be "The pickup which roared"? I can never keep that straight.

Totty said...

Apparently not:

Tammy said...

You are definitely getting your Photoshop on!