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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Geek's Metaphor

Last night I joined some friends at Stephen and Audrey's place for our semi-regular Dungeons & Dragons night. Today, while cleaning house, I considered how the game mechanics of D&D could be applied to real life. For example, after ten years of practise writing professionally, I suppose one could say I've wound up as a Level 10 Writer, or maybe a Level 8 Communicator, with specialized skills in Writing, Graphic Design, Photography etc. at different skill levels. Today, I changed a couple of light bulbs and helped Sylvia scrub away some stray glue on the floor with turpentine, possibly earning ten or twenty experience points (XP) in my Handyman skill.

Unfortunately, I slipped and fell to my hands and knees pretty hard after stepping in a wet spot, earning bruises on my knees and wrenching the muscles in my arms, possibly taking between 1-4 Hit Points (HP) of damage. Fortunately, that small amount of Hit Points will heal fully with a night's rest, and I'll be back at full strength for tomorrow's battles. It's easier than fighting a Bronze Warder and two Renegade Tieflings, believe me.

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