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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Progress Quest Progress

After two days, Earl the Demicanadian Hunter Strangler has slain enough foes to reach Level 11. His stats have increased, he knows more spells, has acquired better armour, and yet still he must perform menial tasks such as "fetch me a twig."

At this point I suppose Earl has killed hundreds of sentient beings. Oh sure, in his world they're doubtless labelled "evil," but surely all this spilled blood must weigh on his conscience. What does he have to show for this wholesale slaughter? A few spells? Some gold? A fancier weapon, useful only for killing more creatures?

It's almost as though the game is trying to make a point about futility or something. I'll be back tomorrow, after I fetch a twig...


Never for Ever said...

Ha! Take this!

Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

You're the last person I expected to have a character sporting a spell like "Summon a Bitch".