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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rodin Considers Rodan

Sometimes wonderful ideas arise in dreams. Last night, I dreamed of Auguste Rodin's "The Thinker" sculpture on a hilltop overlooking a ravaged Tokyo, under assault from Rodan, the famous mutant winged dinosaur. I smiled to myself in my sleep as I contemplated what a wonderful blog post I would write today - or rather, paint; I envisioned presenting a fresh new painterly masterpiece to the world melding two of the twentieth century's touchstones of popular culture. And it would have been a combination of Japanese and European approaches! Magnificent!

Alas, I cannot paint. I can only ask you to imagine what The Thinker may have been thinking as Rodan swept across Tokyo, shattering buildings and sending citizens fleeing in panic. His stony contemplation would have served as ironic counterpoint to the chaos below...or so I hope.


Totty said...

This screams out for you to apply your newfound Paintshop skillz. Surely there's enough sample photos out there to use as source material.

"The Devil's Jeffstep" said...

Rodin's "Rodan" raids on Raidon's radon ray-gun right on Ronald Reagan Day. Fun!