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Friday, December 16, 2011


Every year, the Alberta Legislature press gallery and each caucus creates an amusing, self-depcrecating video for the press gallery Christmas party. Here's the Official Opposition's 2011 video, a Rocky parody that tells the story of Raj Sherman's unlikely trajectory from Tory backbencer to Leader of the Official Opposition.

All the videos were fun this year, and daveberta has posted the Godzilla-themed Alberta NDP video here.


"Encounter At Jeffpoint" said...

Holy Toledo, Earl, you are to be congratulated. I fully expected to be bored senseless since I don't give a hoot for either Alberta politics or office follies. This is a pretty awesome video, though. You've developed much awareness for camera placement and scene composition, and your edits do you credit. It's like Government Grant, except good (or better, you pick).

Earl J. Woods said...

I wish I could take all the credit, Jeff - this year we enlisted the help of a pair of videographers and an editor. I directed the actors and crew and provided input in the editing room, but the professional polish is all their doing. Sometimes it's best to step back and let the talents of others shine through.

"Encounter At Jeffpoint (a)" said...

But not in the credits, eh? Well, you've ghost-written and I have ghost-drawn enough stuff to know how that goes.

Dang, though, I thought you had taken the leap from Genius level to Master level. The artwork really shows in your film, but it makes more sense now that I know you assembled a team.

Unfortunately, you are still only just a dime-a-dozen genius, though.