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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time Shared, Time Stolen

Today Sylvia and I found ourselves trapped in a time share presentation. What seemed at first an invitation to brunch turned into a pretty intense sales pitch - one that lasted four hours, mainly because we're too darn polite.

Now, that being said, the folks making the pitch were very professional and we never felt unduly pressured. They were, however, extremely persistent and even convincing; the time-share option seems, on the surface, a reasonable way to save money on vacations...if you take a lot of vacations, that is.

Once we made it clear we weren't interested, the time-share folks gave us tickets to Carrot Top and a $50 meal voucher. We shall soon discover if the price of admission was worth the time...

1 comment:

Totty said...

4h of each of your time? I would conservatively put that value at a few hundred dollars before factoring in annoyance and other intangibles.

A quick check puts the value of those tickets at $50-70 each, so they got your 4h of time for about $150-200.