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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Return to Baldur's Gate

Way back in 1998 I entered the dangerous world of Baldur's Gate, a Dungeons & Dragons adventure game for the PC and, not insignificantly, Edmonton developer Bioware's big breakout hit.

The game's compelling storyline, superb music, attractive graphics and addictive gameplay made Baldur's Gate one of the very few computer games I've played to completion. (Baldur's Gate 2 and about half of the various Ultima and Fallout games are the others.) I have a short attention span when it comes to games, but Baldur's Gate was well written enough to force me to keep playing to the story's conclusion; I wanted to know what would happen to the characters I was shepherding!

This is why I'm so excited that Baldur's Gate is about to return with enhanced graphics and gameplay, including new characters and storylines. There's even going to be an iPad version, which might very well push me over the edge on the road to obtaining the popular tablet. And the work is being done by Overhaul Games, another Edmonton company working right on Whyte Avenue. 

Best of all, back in the day I probably paid something like $60 or $70 for the game. The new version is selling for $20, including the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack. I can't wait for release day: September 18th!

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