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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Inking the Fleet

Tonight Sean and I ventured over to Steve's to continue painting our "A Call to Arms" squadrons. This time I inked each ship in blue to provide further texture and a base upon which to add additional detail. My brush strokes need work, but at least I successfully coated each ship without making too much mess. I dread painting on the ship names and registrations.


"Jeff Pals" said...

The key to good, consistent brushwork is mostly practise. Make several dummy runs until you feel confident about your strokes. When I say several, I don't believe that several hundred may be out of the question. That's why painting is such a great hobby/tradecraft. Decent brushes also help.

Either that or give Kieth Langergraber a call; he seems to have some talent you could explot.

"Jeff Pals" (a) said...