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Monday, July 23, 2012


Today Sylvia and I went to The Shoe Company so she could replace some damaged footwear. Shopping for clothes bores me to tears, with an unfortunate side effect: I'll do anything to entertain myself, whether or not it's actually a good idea. That includes creating bad jokes.

I came up with a doozy as we reached the till, and I was already giggling when I gave Sylvia her straight line:

"Hey, Sylvia, did you hear about how they caught the robber who was trying to rob the shoe store?" I asked.

"What robber? What are you talking about?"

"He was acting shoe-spiciously," I said, suppressing guffaws. 

"Oh Earl, really?" Sylvia scoffed. But I laughed, and I'm pretty sure the clerk cracked a smile.

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