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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Home Theatre Heaven

Well, it's not the fanciest home theatre system in the world, but it is mine, and at long last I'm beginning to approach the setup I've always dreamed of: screen hung on the wall, surround sound speakers in their proper locations and also mounted on the wall to create more floor space. Mom and Dad helped me mount the television, which was  a more frustrating experience than it should have been because electronic stud finders turn out to be terribly ineffective at their primary job - finding studs. We wound up drilling holes in the wall at random until finding a stud, then measuring from that space. Fortunately the wall mounting unit and the television cover all the holes! 

The wires are rather ugly, so I'll need to explore some means of covering them up. 

Some trivia for Earl of the future: the first film you watched with this new setup was Frost/Nixon.


Margaret & Gordon said...

We fully appreciate what you have gone through, We installed a new tv on Saturday Margaret & Gordon14

Earl J. Woods said...

It was quite a task! Finding the wall studs was the hardest part. Worth it in the end, though!