Saturday, August 11, 2012

Five Years of Wedded Bliss

Five years ago today I married this spectacular creature. She's very naughty but I wouldn't change a thing about our time together. Thank you for sharing your life with me, Sylvia.


"Peak Jefformance" said...

Congratulations this year and every year! Yours was the wedding of the century!

If this were the voyage of the Enterprise, the crew would now be mustered in the rec deck, and Kirk in full military dress with decorations would gravely be shaking hands (or tentacles) with every being, with the final plaintive bosun whistle eventually sending everybody off to their respective corner of the galaxy.

Of course a marriage isn't a stint on a Constellation-class heavy star crusier. Five years is just the beginning of the human adventure! Or at least two years left until the hot and heavy Pon Farr Anniversary -- woooOOOOoooo!!!

Live Long And Prosper, Mr. & Mrs. Woods!

Anonymous said...

Good on you....but do we need to know about your bedroom habits?

Earl J. Woods said...

I don't believe I mentioned them, unless I did so in a manner so subtle even I missed it..!

Anonymous said...

What does naughty mean?

Earl J. Woods said...

Oh! She's mischievous and playful, that's all. She hatches little schemes to surprise people. I fear you're seeing innuendo where none was intended, Anon.