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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Purple Datsun Quest

I loved growing up in northern Manitoba, but sometimes winter up there in the 1970s got to be a little much. When you're at the edge of civilization with only two television channels and the temperature drops to minus 50, greener pastures start to look pretty good.

We owned the purple Datsun for a brief time while living in Leaf Rapids, but the poor little car couldn't handle the weather, at least according to these photos and my hazy memories. Back then we needed frost shields for the windows because in-car heaters of the era simply couldn't keep the windows clear of ice. It looks as though the front grilles were covered as well, presumably to keep cold air from freezing the block in transit.

Humans shared the town with bears, ravens, timber wolves (one chased me to school one day) and a multitude of voracious insects. Despite what the poster claims I never did see a UFO or a robot (save a few Micronauts toys), but I did imagine a Sasquatch once. Or did I..?

The poster was really just an excuse to play with layers, fonts, blending options and the custom shape tool. I now have a custom Manitoba outline in my library, which I'm sure will come in handy again.

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