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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Flin Flon Flashback

Here I am at perhaps a year or two of age in the house in Flin Flon, which still exists today. The green couch and coffee table were with the family for decades, as was the piece of patio furniture on the right (I'm not sure why it's indoors in this photo).

The negative is in rough shape, but I've done my best to clean up the scan. It's still blurry, but that may be inherent blur from the day the shot was taken, sometime in...1970? I wish the image were sharp enough to make out the yellow box next to the toy telephone.  


Jeff Shyluk said...
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Jeff Shyluk said...

You need more resolution to make out the box.

My guess it's a drugstore promotional pack of three Kodak film packs. Maybe Kodacolor-X or Kodacolor-II. If this picture was taken after 1973, then K-II, otherwise K-X, since K-II wasn't released until 1973ish. Your negative is probably one of the film rolls that was in that box.