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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Musing About Mad Men

I've almost finished season two of Mad Men, and I must say it's not what I expected. I'm enjoying it, but the show doesn't have what I would call a traditional structure. So far it seems more concerned with atmosphere and characterization than plot, and while the show has an ostensible lead in Don Draper, the show isn't shy about shifting focus to any number of secondary characters.

As might be expected from a show that uses an ad agency as its setting, its themes include appearances, deception, style, and perhaps most importantly, status. This makes for some interesting commentary on the role of women, minorities and gays and lesbians, though the straight white men remain, at least for the two seasons I've watched, the central focus of the show.

I won't be in a position to judge the show until I finish it, but at this juncture I will say that I find it...interesting. Like a good ad, it's drawing me in. But I'm not sure yet if I've bought the final product. 

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