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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Lines for Future Scripts

All is still dry on the creative front - I can't seem to write anything that has any meaning or sense, as shown in "The Long Shadows," below. At first I was just going to write something silly based on my photo of Evil Spock and the pop machine, but I couldn't get Hello to work, so I couldn't post said photo, which made my original idea pointless, so I rambled on for the sake of having something to post. Ah well.

Here are some lines I'm thinking of including in future stories/scripts:

"My blood is coming out!"

"Enjoy a knuckle sandwich - with extra ketchup!"

"I'll beat the stuffing out of you!" (Said during a fistfight at a Christmas dinner gone awry; I imagine the prediction comes true in the scene)

"Up your nose with a pair of toes!" (Said after barefooted karate fighter kicks someone in the face, jamming a toe up each of the hapless victim's nostrils)

Hmmm - all of these lines revolve around slapstick violence. I wonder what that says about me. Probably nothing good.

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