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Monday, February 12, 2007

Persistence of Vision, or: Jeepers Creepers, What Happened to My Peepers?

I haven't had an eye exam in about a dozen years, so I popped in today for a checkup. And apparently it's a good thing I did, for the good doctor told me that my vision has...improved. My spectacles are two steps too strong, he said; you're now 20/15. I'm not sure what that means, exactly, but he told me "Your vision is very sharp."

I was too intimidated to ask why, if my vision is very sharp, I need glasses at all, but I did manage to ask whether or not such improvement is normal.

"Well, it's pretty damn unusual for someone your age," he said. Apparently folks in their 50s do sometimes experience improvement in their vision, but it's very rare for a 37 year old.

So I feel pretty lucky today. Of course I have to get new glasses with a weaker prescription, but that's a price I'm very willing to pay.

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Sean Woods said...

If your vision is 20/15, then I don't think you even need glasses.

Are you developing super powers?

Should I expect to develop super powers in seven years?