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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Woods World of Sports

Welcome to the Woods World of Sports, where wacky Woods brothers wage the Battle of the Back Yard, beginning here in the front yard with the Flowerbed Jump. Sean Woods clears the tulip field with ease.

Earl Woods is up next, clearing the treacherous tulips with grace and panache. This event: a tie!
Next event: the fiendish Net Toss. Contestants must escape the net, tossed by Saskatchewan Bob. Sean begins his run.
The net is in the air - can Sean evade?

Up, up...
...and away! Sean escapes.
Earl's out of the starting gate with a measured yet powerful stride. Will it be enough?

A precision throw! But Earl's lightning speed may yet win the day.

The crowd gasps in suspense - they've never seen an event like this!

Ladies and gentlemen, just a moment - it looks like - wait - wait -

Yes! Yes! Ladies and gentlemen, Earl J. Woods has been snared! Sean Woods takes a dramatic 1-0 lead! But up next - the flowerpot throw!


Anonymous said...

Go Team Sean!

I'm glad "Saskatchewan Bob" (that's hilarious, btw) is such a good sport.

Oh, and your new camera takes amazing photographs.

That is all.

Anonymous said...


Awesome post!