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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Wings of Balsa

On April 25th, a fellow named Steve Eves broke a world record by launching the world's biggest and heaviest model rocket, a 1/10 scale Saturn V.

When I was younger, model rockets captured my imagination. I only wound up launching a few, with varying degrees of success, but I always had fun.

One day in 1983, Keith Gylander, Ron Westman and my brother Sean and I (Sean's the young one in the middle) crossed the street to East Elementary and launched a model X-Wing, purchased several years before in Leaf Rapids, assembled only days before this launch.

Unfortunately, I forgot to stuff the protective wadding into the nose cone, so the parachute flare damaged the 'chute and the model plunged to earth instead of floating down safely. So this rocket had one and only one launch. But for a few moments, we all slipped the surly bonds of Earth and rode in that tiny plastic cockpit, heading for the stars.


Anonymous said...

No colour correction? No unsharp masking!? No diploma for you!!

That video was totally awesome!! Just amazing. Great camera work, too.

Luke Skywalker crashed his ride at least a couple of times (an X-Wing and a snowspeeder), and he's supposed to be a hot-shot pilot.

Anonymous said...

My coat was pimpin'

Earl J. Woods said...

I did colour correct and unsharp mask these...sob...I FAILED