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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tub Thumping

Mom and Dad are renovating their bathroom. Sean and I went out to help today, and when we were hauling the old tub to the dump, Dad revealed that Mom had ripped out most of the drywall in a burst of energy while he was running errands - this while she's in between recovering from surgery and waiting for chemo. I'm glad she's on our side.

I thought it would be cool if we dropped off the tub in an unusual way. Sean would sit in the tub in the back of the truck, with the tailgate down. I'd film the action while Dad would drive backwards at high speed and then slam on the brakes, sending the tub, with Sean riding it, sailing smoothly out the back and into the trash heap. It would be like the Olympics!

But Dad vetoed the idea.


mother nature said...

Ahhh! To the dump?!!! What about recycling? Oh, my poor planet! :0

Sean Woods said...

Hi mother nature,

The Leduc and District landfill isn`t simply a dump anymore; they have several recycling stations, too.

For example, you`ll be pleased to know that we:

-took an old TV to the electronic recycling station
-left a sink in the `feel free to come and take it`pile (I forget exactly what it is called, but people can take the sink as their own)

The tub was placed in a scrap metal pile; I`m not sure if that material is somehow recycled or not.

Mother nature said...

You have made me feel much better, Sean. Thank you. I will make sure that you aren't plagued by Tsunamis during your bike ride.

Sean Woods said...

Also, dad wasn't the only one who vetoed the flying tub idea.