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Monday, May 09, 2011

Special Effects on the Cheap

Back in 1987, budding moviemakers didn't have access to Photoshop of AfterEffects. We had to make do with plastic model kits, sparklers and some trick photography. Here the USS Enterprise fires off a photon torpedo at an unseen foe, accomplished by sticking a sparkler into the model, lighting it, and taking a snapshot with a long exposure time.
Kind of a shame I didn't take the time to disguise the walls of my bedroom with construction paper or something.
The Enterprise and a Klingon D7 exchange torpedoes.
A torpedo approaches the Enterprise from the starboard. Actually, these look more like the energy bolts Vejur used in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. All in all, I think these turned out reasonably well considering I had no photography skills and no budget.

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