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Monday, June 20, 2011

STI Surprise

While helping Mom and Dad clean out the garage yesterday, Sean and I came across these chilling pamphlets warning teens against venereal diseases (VD), or as they're known now, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). I don't remember receiving these, but they must have been handed out during the agonizingly embarrassing sex ed classes every student endures. Why did I keep them? Just hedging my bets, I suppose.

I wasn't brave enough to open up the pamphlets to read about vaginitis or NGU - who knows what horrors await? Can men even get vaginitis? It sounds awful. NGU is similarly foreboding. What does that stand for? Necrotic Genital Ulcers? Yeesh.
It's funny that there wasn't a syphilis brochure in the batch, considering Alberta's above-average syphilis rate. Perhaps they thought the disease had been eradicated back in the Victorian era, and that's why we're enduring a resurgence now.

In any event, I wasn't exactly popular with the ladies back in grade school (or university, for that matter), so my interest in herpes has been mercifully academic.


Anonymous said...

"Nongonococcal urethritis." At least as bad as it sounds.

Michael Joyal said...

Mr. Woods..stop..Googled my old name and found you here..stop..Found things in the past that still live on..stop..Must send you a scan of the Yeti Mad Science Adventure episode..Am now know as Michael Yoyal..stop..Don't worry, it does not involve any witness to see my current works..stop

Earl J. Woods said...

Hey Michael! That's awesome! Your work has really evolved and advanced over the years. Looks great - I'll add your site to my list of links!