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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Ghost Car

While on a trip to Leduc, Sean asked me to take a photo of the amusing sign at Burger Baron. Click to embiggen and take a closer look at the car in the photo. This odd effect was produced because I used my iPhone's HDR setting, which forces the camera to take two photos milliseconds apart at different settings in an effort to capture a wider range of light. But while my hand was steady enough to prevent blur, I couldn't prevent the moving vehicle from being doubly exposed. However, I think the effect is kind of neat.

The Leduc Burger Baron, by the way, seems to be under new management - new to me, anyway. The burgers and fries are markedly superior to the Burger Barons on Edmonton's west end. The Leduc Burger is especially savoury. Yum!


SEan said...

Always remember the inverse law of Burger Baron—the more run down the establishment, the better the burger.

"A Handful Of Jeff, A Handful Of Defeat" said...

Clowns are a very bad sign, where burgers are concerned. Where anything is concerned.