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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Domain of Earl, May 2012

I've always loved maps, particularly political maps. I also love exploring our world. I thought it might be fun to combine these two geographic obsessions into one amusement: what if I carved an imaginary empire by drawing straight lines between the farthest-flung cities and towns I've visited thus far?

Thus I present the Domain of Earl, a benevolent but unrecognized empire composed of borders drawn between Fairbanks, Alaska; Dawson City, Yukon; Lynn Lake, Manitoba; Timmins, Ontario; Hull, Quebec; London, Ontario; Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona; Los Angeles, California; Honolulu, Hawaii; Singapore; Seoul, South Korea; and Tokyo, Japan.

The nice thing about an empire of this nature is that I can vastly increase its size with a simple trip to the Mayan Riviera or the UK. Also, I have no pesky subjects to worry about or wars of conquest to manage. Eat your heart out, Napoleon.


"Unnatural Jefflection" said...

This is full on one of the coolest things posted by anybody in a long time. It helps to be a map geek, of course, to appreciate the idea.

I'm going to superimpose the Jeffrian Protectorate, which seems roughly in size as the Domain of Earl. I will send you the file. If you keep a Photoshop file, you can add other friends as well, with each person having their own Photoshop layer. Maybe that would be intersting to see in the future!

Earl J. Woods said...

Ooo, cool idea. I'd love to see other empires!

Totty said...

Cool idea Earl, and nice addendum Jeff. Shame I don't have photoshop.

"Unnatural Jefflection" (a) said...

GIMP (somewhat unfortunate name), is a decent graphic arts tool that emulates Photoshop as far as the law will allow. GIMP is completely freeware, always has been always will be. You can't beat the price for PC or (shudder) Mac, and it handles Photoshop's .PSD files.

Alternately, you could send us the dimensions of your region, and soneone will make the layer for you. Expect a girly font, though.