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Monday, September 03, 2012

The Shape of Things to Go

Back when I was studying introductory graphic design under Jeff Shyluk, he assigned me the task of using Photoshop to craft a series of simple shape. I don't recall ever handing in my assignment despite its completion, so here it is for posterity. Jeff generously refused to hold back my diploma despite my failure to deliver the completed project.


"The Ensigns Of Jeffand" said...

Maybe I am remembering wrong, but I thought I DID want to hold back your diploma. Pulling the sword out of the stone would have been easier than squeezing homework assignments out of you - this taking into account squeaky-clean goody-goody U of A Earl. Smiley-faced emoticon goes here.

I did encourage you to make your own diploma, though. It would have to be a pretty crappy graphic arts course that didn't impart upon the student enough skills to come up with their own diploma. If memory serves, I supplied the awful Latin text, the silly drawing, and the signatures, and you did the rest, the hard part. As you have shown, your abilities have grown far beyond those tentative first steps.

Also many kudo's for bumping up the Jeff S. count in your label list! If the other readers of your blog are like me, they count with great jealousy the numbers on that list. I only need six more labels to make it out of the small font section of the label tower and into the medium font! Please refrain from discussing music or Dr. David Swann until I make it up there. If you count the Jeff + Susans, then I even beat Mom & Dad, yow!

Earl J. Woods said...

Your memories of the diploma are correct: you supplied the pieces and I put them together, one of my favourite exercises of the course.

The post labels are simply a convenient means for me to track what I've written about, but you're not the only person to mention being pleased by their tag count. I write about what I know (or what I'm curious about) and who I love, so if it's a source of pleasure I'm thrilled.