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Thursday, October 04, 2012


As requested by Steve, I have transformed an old airshow photo into a book cover. Perhaps Stephen will even write it - he's very good!


Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

Well, cheers and all, but I couldn't possibly write a story worthy of that title, let alone the jacket photo!

"The Vengeance Jefftor" said...

This is a very good composition for a book jacket, I think.

The next step would be to proof it for CMYK. Recently, I printed out one of my RGB projects but completely forgot to proof it. Of course, the colour gamut shifted completely, something I could have easily avoided.

Some high end printers now offer CcMmYyK inks which widen the gamut considerably. For a fine art project, that's a must-have. I don't think most book publishers would go to that expense, though.

Earl J. Woods said...

Hey Jeff,

CcMmYyK inks are new to me. Do you think you could elaborate? Judging by the name only, it almost sounds like the ink is doubled, or perhaps there's Cyan and sub-cyan or cyan gloss or something...

"The Vengeance Jefftor" said...


Each base colour gets divided into two. C is regular cyan, c is a translucent cyan. Same for M. There is no Yy, I got excited typing. The proper term is CcMmYK. The two translucent colours allow for much better dithering and reduce printing artefacts considerably.

There's a decent wikipedia article on the subject (when spelled right!).