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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Edmonton Space and Science Centre, January 1985

I've noted previously my fascination with drugstore cropping of negatives. On the left we have a restored image of the then-new Edmonton Space and Science Centre; on the right, the original 110 negative.

The centre had a great version of the Lunar Lander game back then, as well as scales telling you how much you'd weigh on each planet in the solar system. There was also a full-scale replica of the Canadarm. But my most vivid memory is of the electricity exhibit, in which you were instructed to place your thumb on a pair of contacts and then crank a handle as hard and as long as you could. Cranking the handle gave your thumb an electric shock, and it was quite a challenge to keep your thumb down and the crank turning for more than a few seconds. As James Bond might quip, "Shocking!"

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