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Friday, May 16, 2014

Constantine: Hellblazing New Ground?

John Constantine was introduced as a supporting character during Alan Moore's amazing run on Swamp Thing during the 1980s. The irascible, sardonic British magician, with his trademark trenchcoat and ever-present cigarettes, was quickly spun off into his own long-running series, Hellblazer. For decades John Constantine has compelled comic readers with his dry wit and utter ruthlessness. The Hellblazer comics never shied away from soul-searing horror and controversial plotlines, so it's somewhat surprising that NBC would choose to bring this character to the small screen - and judging by the trailer above, to do so in a way that would seem, at first blush, to treat the character and his world with respect. Most importantly, it looks genuinely scary.

If the show is as good as the trailer promises, I'll be tuning in and hoping it prospers. 

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