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Monday, October 06, 2014

It Is Happening Again: That Gum I Like is Coming Back in Style and There's Always Music in the Air


One of my very favourite television shows, Twin Peaks, died an abrupt and premature death a quarter century ago. I was still in university and at the time the off-kilter world created by David Lynch and Mark Frost spoke to me in a way no other work of art ever has.

"This is what the world is really like," I thought at the time. I didn't mean that in a literal way - I didn't think that Lynch and Frost were describing reality, exactly...but they opened up a window on the world as I saw and still see it - absurd, strange, incomprehensible, bizarre, but also full of truth, beauty and love. The adventures of Dale Cooper, Sheriff Truman, Deputies Hawk and Andy, Dr. Jacoby, the Palmers, the Hornes, Bob and Mike and Bob and Mike, Big Ed, the Log Lady and all the rest captivated me week after week for those two brief, shining seasons from start to finish (well, there was a bit of a lull in the middle there, but no work of art is without its flaws).

It ended with a cliffhanger: Dale Cooper was possessed by the malevolent Bob, and the show's millions of fans howled in frustration when news of the cancellation came.

But now it's back, and just as Laura Palmer predicted - "I'll see you in 25 years" - Lynch and Frost will bring a nine-episode Twin Peaks miniseries to Showtime, set 25 years later.

The only pop culture news that would excite me more than this would be discovering a lost fourth season of the original Star Trek. That's how much I loved Twin Peaks. The wait between now and 2016, when the third season is broadcast, is going to be one long, long stay in the Black Lodge for me. But I can wait. 


Totty said...

I wasn't howling, I was laughing maniacally.

I never got into the show, but to see the rabid fans get pwned like that was really quite enjoyable, schadenfreude style.

And now all you annoying fanboys are going to spend the next year polluting my internet and spoiling every advance detail, and then probably ultiately being disappointed. Really, after 25 years, what are the odds you and David Lynch have grown in the same directon?

Earl J. Woods said...

I've enjoyed everything Lynch has done before and since Twin Peaks (to varying degrees, to be sure), so I'd say the odds are pretty good!

Totty said...

Lost Highway?!

The only redeeming feature from that movie for me was the soundtrack, especially my discovery of Rammstein.

"Jeffenesis" said...

Here's the thing: David Lynch never has and never will make a superhero movie, one that gets spun off into a dozen television series, each one more pointless and pandering than the one before.

Earl J. Woods said...

I thought Lost Highway was a masterpiece, but your mileage on the lost highway may vary!

Regarding superhero television series, I have and continue to enjoy those as well - though none reach Lynchian heights.

Totty said...

Not my cup of damn good coffee, he said ironically.

"Jeffenesis" (a) said...

Nobody says you can't enjoy the slate of superhero TV series, but you'd have to be the ultimate optimist to believe that they will create anything we haven't seen already many times before.

The new Twin Peaks, well, there will be old, but there will be new as well. And something to talk about, for sure.