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Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Vision of Major Briggs

In just a couple of weeks, Twin Peaks will return to television. Naturally, I've been watching the first two seasons (in high definition for the first time!) to prepare for the upcoming third.

I had completely forgotten about the scene above. If you haven't seen the show, you might not appreciate the impact of this moment, in which we see that Major Briggs can, after all, reach his rebellious teenage son. I found the moment lovely. Wouldn't it be something if, in season three, we see that Major Briggs' vision has come true, and Bobby's life has turned around?

I'm sure that Lynch and Frost have bigger narrative fish to fry (for the percolator, of course), but I'd be thrilled if they followed up on Briggs' vision. 

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Jeff Shyluk said...

Mark Frost's "Secret History Of Twin Peaks" is heavily loaded with Maj. Garland Brigg's notations, since he was a Bookhouse Boy and they kept the strongest available records of the chain of events that streams like a dark and silver underground river through Ghostwood region of the Pacific Northwest.

Even so, Briggs himself was a rebel from both the Air Force and the Bookhouse Boys, exceeding his orders and his societal place by delving deep into the lore of The Black Lodge. So it stands to reason that Bobby and Betty are often left to fend for themselves, and that Bobby in particular would want to seek his own destiny. The Air Force did Maj. Briggs very few favours in return for what they got from him.

The death of Laura Palmer affected the Briggs family nearly as much as the Palmers themselves, since Laura had several of her life's threads interwoven with those of Bobby, Betty, and Garland. At the very end, Betty is comforted by a vision of her departed husband, but he warns her that worse is yet to come. If Bobby and Garland reuinite in our world, it would have to be before 2017. Nothing stops Twin Peaks from investigating parallel worlds, though.