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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Not Much Energy for Jawing

I had to have a small chunk of bone removed from my jaw the other day, and my reaction to the anesthetic and painkillers has been less than ideal. But boy howdy, was I ever impressed by the professionalism of the doctors, nurses and support staff at Kingsway Oral Surgery. They really went the extra mile looking out for my health, even beyond the fix I was there for. I'm very grateful for their expertise, experience and compassion, and to Pete for picking Sylvia and me up after the operation was done I feel lucky to be Canadian this week! 


susanRN92 said...

OMG Earl! Feel better soon.

Jeff Shyluk said...

If only you were Spanish, then you could be the Mandlible From La Mancha.

I'm kind of depressed right now: even recovering from general anaesthetic, your pun was better than mine, and I feel great today. Or did.

Oh, but what an opportunity wasted. You should have entreated upon the surgeon to replace your lower jaw with an ashtray so that every time you closed your mouth, your teeth would go "clack"!

One thousand quatloos to you if you can remember which Minion of CHAOS had this.

Earl J. Woods said...

I didn't think the ash-tray jaw guy was a Minion (or Paladin) so much as a victim of Jake Radish, Tooth Shootist. At least that's what I recall. "He shawt m'damn jaw off with a cheesecak, clank clank!" Something like that, anyway.