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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Two Little Ships

During this holiday break, I also painted a couple of very small ships, to scale with the fleet I posted the other day: a DY-100 of the style used by Khan to escape Earth, and an early Starfleet vessel of the Daedalus class. I don't have stats for these ships, so they'll probably wind up as objectives in our A Call to Arms: Starfleet games. 


Totty said...

Botany Bay and ... the one from the early Next Gen episode with the 20th century earth people?

Earl J. Woods said...

The other ship is a quasi-canonical class originally built for the Okuda-authored Star Trek Chronology book and seen as a set decoration on Deep Space Nine. Ships like this are supposed to have been active sometime between Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: Discovery.

Note the Botany Bay model was re-used in The Ultimate Computer, portrayed as a DY-500 unmanned ore freighter.