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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The First Mate

Tonight I used HeroForge to build a 28mm scale sailor who looks like he's recently been marooned on a tropical island. He is searching for his hat (because HeroForge does not yet include anything close to the one he sports on the island). 

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Jeff Shyluk said...

I see him stepping on that banana and getting his head lodged in that idol. The locals mistake him for their god, and the castaways have to avert a holy war. Fortunately, the Rocket Scientist fabricates a cask of handy mango grease and the Captain pulls the idol off of Gaffigan's head, thus refuting godhood. The locals become angry, so Tawnee and Anne-Marie perform a Peace Dance to appease them while the Financier gives up Milady's pearl necklace, with much regret. In the end, the local chieftain slips on the selfsame banana that started the whole kerfuffle twenty-one minutes ago, and gets his head lodged in the idol. He becomes elevated to god status, and the locals are happy and so are the castaways, especially when the pearls are returned to a delighted Milady.