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Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Completed Cabs

The camera is unforgiving and reveals every mistake I've made, but these two taxicabs look good enough for the table, so I'm going to call them done. I'm particularly happy that the "TAXI" signs are clearly legible on each cab . 

I suppose I should add a wash, but I clearly haven't learned how to apply wash properly yet as all my models just wind up looking dirty, whereas wash is supposed to bring out the highlights. 


Sean Woods said...
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Sean Woods said...

In my limited experience, wash is used to add depth to the model. Runs into and fills the cracks/indentations/recesses. Once that's done, you go and repaint the raised areas to brighten the colour up - while being VERY careful not to get that coat of paint into the recesses into which the wash flowed.

Sean Woods said...

At least, that's what I do on smaller models. Not sure that same technique would apply to larger ones. BTW great yellow for these models.

Jeff Shyluk said...

I agree with Sean. Washes are great for blending colours or for shifting their hue. Washing with white will raise tint, but it won't really create highlights. Instead it will look, well, washed-out, bleached, or chalky. Washing with a colour dyad or triad will make mud.

If you want to brighten your models, you could apply clearcoat: varnish or shellac. Those make colours way more vibrant. If you use matte it's not all that shiny, but if you use glossy you get a lot of reflections. I've had good success applying matte on top of gloss.