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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

First Year Schedule at the University of Alberta

While digging out more stuff to recycle or throw away, I came upon a 1987-88 day timer with precisely one thing written in it: my course schedule for my first year at the University of Alberta. 

Philosophy 240, Religious Studies 200, English 200, and Political Science 200 were all first-year intro courses for those particular fields. History 280 was, I believe East Asian history from...something to 1500. Anthropology 250 focused on--I think--racism. Or at least that's what I remember most about it. 

Ironically, my best subject that year was Religious Studies; I earned a 9 out of 9 on the old stanine system they used back then. I really liked the prof, and he liked me, inviting me to guest lecture a couple of times. Man, it was weird when I used to do stuff that involved other people and volunteering and so on...


Jeff Shyluk said...

misplaced my schedule
my locker has my textbooks
combination lost

Jeff Shyluk said...

where's the exam room?
I search through endless hallways
semester dream state