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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Lincoln Waypoint's Shopping List

Lincoln Waypoint, an 8th-level fighter and a new member of Sword Coast Solutions, has found himself woefully short of arrows in his travels. He's also nearly been killed on no less than three occasions after being a member of the mercenary party for just a few days. 

Thankfully, respite awaits in the thriving port city of Waterdeep. Lincoln has learned that he needs to be better prepared for the dangers of the Sword Coast. 

Thus, he's made a shopping list: 

The largest quiver he can find
100 arrows
A horse with saddle, tack, and saddlebags
A rapier
A whip
As many healing potions as he can find
Chain mail armour
A small bag of sand
A ten-foot pole
Ball bearings
A dose of antitoxin
Fishing tackle
Insect repellent
A magnifying glass
A small mirror
A whistle
Ten days of iron rations
Two torches
Some black greasepaint
A change of clothes
A white poofy shirt for special occasions

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