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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Studio 54 Diffusion

A little earlier tonight, at 7:37 PM MT, I completed my 54th trip around Sol. I had a very pleasant day, visiting with Mom and Sean and Sylvia, enjoying a really glorious lunch of chicken, scalloped potatoes, and stuffing at Mom's place. She also prepared an ambrosia salad, which isn't normally my kind of thing, and I tried it and it was delicious. And last night, Sylvia's parents had us over for a lovely lasagna dinner. 

By the time Sylvia and I returned home, I felt rather spoiled, sated, and sleepy. But before heading to bed, I prompted Stable Diffusion to create an image of "Earl J. Woods celebrating his 54th birthday with family and friends." With a prompt that open ended, I probably shouldn't have been surprised by these results, and yet . . . 

I like to imagine that Stable Diffusion is pulling images of different iterations of me from across the multiverse. Sometimes I resemble the "me" me in those other universes, but in still others I'm Black, or Asian, or an Indigenous person, or a woman, or a different species altogether. It appears I even belong to superhero teams in a couple of universes. 

Well, happy birthday, everyone. 

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Jeff Shyluk said...

Something you share with the AI is that you both are synthesizers, in that you take primal components and build them up into meaningful wholes. In the case of the AI, we're often left to guess what it is "thinking", whereas you make your meanings abundantly clear.

Without context, it would be maybe hard to figure out what links those images together, except that the more famous Earl Woods is black. However with your context, I certainly see the Earl J. Woods I know in each of those pictures. Even the bonkers ones.

So: happy birthday!

Probably the birthday where the AI catches up to you in context might be closer than we think.