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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

A Dream of Iced Screams



Jeff Shyluk said...

It took me a while to place this, but this reminds me of the 1970's cover for "Dune Messiah". That art was made by John Shoenherr, I'm certain you'd be familiar with his work. Lots of watercolours and acrylic gouache, great illustrations, and a master of imagination. I have no idea how he felt about ice cream, though.

Earl J. Woods said...

That's the edition of Dune Messiah in my library!

"I must not eat. Ice cream is the brain freezer. Ice cream is the little death that brings total migraine. I will face the ice cream. I will permit it to spike agony through me. And when it has passed I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the ice cream has gone, there will be nothing. Only I will remain--frozen in time."