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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

7TV Reporter

Reporting live from the set of some 7TV production or other is . . . "Reporter." That's what the 7TV rules call him, but I think I'll call him Anvil Stillbulb or Shank McCarthy, something that sounds like it came from the 1970s, like his outfit. 

As for the paint job, I'm glad that I managed to paint in his moustache and eyebrows, and the hair looks all right. Skin still challenges me, though the hands look better than the face. I'm still applying the paint too thickly sometimes when I get frustrated or impatient, but as I've often written before, these close-up photos reveal every flaw; Reporter looks decent when viewed from a normal game-playing distance. 


Jeff Shyluk said...

I think your painting is improving quite a bit. I'll never trust anyone in a green suit - in my class we discussed James Gurney and his absolutely correct hatred for green - and a single-button suit at that.

I don't remember 1970's suits having just one button all that often, but an image search shows that there were a few. More likely too many buttons, flaps, eupalettes, corduroy or worst of all polyester-leisure. Think Steve Austin.

But because of the scale, I can imagine the sculptor didn't want to do all that extra detail. Yes, the scale, that's it. Not worried about sanity levels, just the scale...

Jeff Shyluk said...

I should add: it looks like you got a little shirt paint on his lapel. It kind of looks like that, maybe I'm wrong. You know you can just wipe off those mistakes with your finger or a Q-tip or a bit of folded paper towel if you catch them before the paint has a chance to dry, provided that the layer underneath is dry. Otherwise, you can take a dud brush that's lost its tip, wet it, and try to scrub the mistake off. If that doesn't work, you can sand off your mistake or paint over it later. Or any combination of those things.