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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Repainted Barbarian Warrior

During the early phase of my painting journey, I painted a set of miniatures that came with the special edition of Civilization V. Some turned out better than others, but the worst was this barbarian warrior. When I looked at the figure more closely, I realized that my choices back then made no sense--I'd painted a fur green, I mistook some exposed musculature for clothing, and so on. I fixed those mistakes and added some drybrushing to give the figure more definition. 

I'm most pleased by the beard and mustache. With agonizing patience, I used my tiniest brush to paint in those details by hand, rather than attempting to drybrush them on. This way, you can actually see his lips between the mustache and beard, an effect I've never accomplished before this. Now that I know I can do it if I'm patient and careful enough, I'm going to attempt this technique more often. 

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