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Monday, January 01, 2024

Movies I Watched in 2023

So many, many movies, but thankfully just a few more than last year. And once again, most of them were shorts. 

As usual, most of the films I screened were from English-speaking countries, but every year I try to expand my horizons.

My most-watched actors list for 2023 includes some surprises. I deliberately sought out the films from Bette Davis down to Russell Johnson in an effort to complete their filmographies. The same is also true of Ward Bond, Burt Lancaster, and James Cagney. The others all just showed up as a result of the decades and genres I pursued last year. 
Dave Fleischer topped my director this this year thanks to his series of Koko the Clown Out of the Inkwell shorts--delightful little shorts that mix animation with life-action footage. William Forest Crouch comes in second thanks to my screening of a Blu-Ray collection of about 200 so-called "Soundies" from the 1940s. Soundies were prototypical music videos that were set up in machines somewhat akin to juke boxes; you paid a dime to watch one. I had no idea such a thing existed until watching a behind-the-scenes short that came with the set. Fascinating stuff! 


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Earl J. Woods said...

Rest assured that I have not yet seen Chappie. All the Neil Blomkamp movies I watched last year were shorts.