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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Booze Weave

What sort of booze would go in a container such as this? 

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Jeff Shyluk said...

That is the bottle specific to Chianti wine. The straw basket is called a "fiasco", which I believe is Italian for "flask". If there's a black rooster on the bottle, it is a DOC Chianti Classico, based on a very specific traditional grape.

The fiasco gave some protection to the bottle, but it also allowed the bottle to have a round or irregular shape. If the bottle wasn't flat on the bottom, then it wouldn't stand on a table unless it had a fiasco. Round-bottomed bottles are cheaper and easier for glass-blowers to make.

Likewise for a bottle with an irregular shape, such as a bottle of... drum roll... Saurian Brandy. It wouldn't stand as well without the bits on the outside of the bottle, something that no doubt attracted the Star Trek set decorators as they combed through the local flea markets for bespoke junk for the Enterprise crew to use as props. And now you know.