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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Methods of My Madness

Perhaps to my own detriment, I use no single creative process when preparing each day's blog post. Sometimes I take extensive notes about a film or television episode and use that to craft an in-depth analysis. Other times I'll spend a few days experimenting with Photoshop or video editing software before posting the (usually mixed) results. Sometimes I'll write a short story in one sitting, without substantive editing; when I'm feeling more patient, I'll spend hours or months honing a story before posting it. 

Usually I take notes the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper. But I just stumbled across an old Word document containing my outline - such as it is - for my review of Superman Returns. Here are my initial scattered thoughts about the film: 
To Krypton and Back

Performances/casting: excellent
Plot: too many holes, could have been easily patched
Themes: alienation, loss, closure, possibilities
Characterization: Tricky. Clark was great, Superman was a little creepy.

“I’m always around.”

Here's the resulting review. Aside from coming up with a better title for the post, it appears as though most of my notes found their way into the final review. Neat.

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