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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

USS Ambassador Dedication Plaque

The latter-day Star Trek shows featured all kinds of sight gags visible only on close inspection or, more frequently, revealed in making-of books. One such gag was the starship dedication plaque, seen on the Enterprise, Voyager, Defiant and other ships. Each plaque (save the simpler design from the original series) featured an inspirational quote of some kind. Many years ago, I wondered what I would put on such a plaque, had I my own starship. Well, as you can see, I decided on a lyric from the great Blues Image song "Ride Captain Ride." It seemed perfectly suited to a ship meant for exploring the stars.

While I'm happy with my choice of quotes, I'm less thrilled with my early graphic design work. The text is clearly cramped and off-centre, and the image is incredibly low-rez. No need to "click to embiggen" this time; this is as good as it gets.

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