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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Super Logo

Yesterday Warner Brothers unveiled the new logo for Man of Steel, the next Superman film. I like it.

While modern in its metallic, 3D aspect, the swooping curves of the S evoke older S-shields, particularly the one worn by Earth-2's Superman during the 70s and early 80s. The dark colours harken back to the Golden Age Superman of the 30s and 40s, when Superman was less a boy scout and more a vigilante crusader for the working class and the downtrodden.

I also love the film's title - finally a Superman film that doesn't include the character's name followed by a Roman numeral or a verb. Perhaps that's the influence of producer Chris Nolan, who was bold enough to call his second Batman film The Dark Knight instead of "Batman Something."

Hopefully director Zack Snyder has matured enough to do the film justice. His Watchmen was serviceable but uninspiring, and I have yet to dredge up enough interest to see the ridiculous-looking 300 or  the critically-reviled Sucker Punch. I'll go into this film with guarded hopes, but if nothing else at least Nolan and Snyder's team got the logo right.


Totty said...

I'm surprised to hear you haven't seen 300. I just assumed you saw it with the rest of us @ G&G II.

It's definitely a movie of style over substance, but oh what style. And surprisingly faithful to the original comic, which they basically used as their storyboards. said...

Big Superman fan. This logo lacks symmetry, looks juvenile, and with the added girth to the "S" looks like the suit is stretched by a masive beer gut.

I've never been impressed by any Superman movie and looks like I won't be for some time.

I wish they did a reboot to the reboot.

Earl J. Woods said...

While cognizant of its faults, I adored the 1978 Superman movie, and I think Superman and the Mole Men was pretty good too, given the era in which it was made. But like you, I'm not certain the new film will be any good. Maybe one day!