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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Art of the Nude Dude

Today I discovered that this blog is blocked as "pornographic" by at least one provincial government agency, denying countless employees the pleasure of surfing My Name is Earl (J. Woods) while at work.

I don't think any post on this blog can really be called pornographic, unless the definition has become so broad as to become meaningless. But in an effort to earn my disreputable status and to give more props to my friend Jeff, here's a link to his latest masterpiece, an artful nude that evokes the Roman Empire as well as a modern figure of masculinity.


susan_rn92 said...

Maybe someone at the government agency doesn't know the definition of "pornographic."

"Yesterday's Jeffterprise" said...

Thank you for yet another link, Earl. Perhaps folks who come to your blog looking for their next Oort Cloud hit will drift over to JSVB out of curiosity.

I'd agree that some of your posts aren't always safe for the workplace, what with skeletons jumping out of their skins and pipe maniacs rampaging amok. Regular EJW aficionadoes grow used to your kind of language, frog-in-boiling-water-style, with Sylvia obviously being the most patient and understanding.

On the other hand, the term "pornography" is politically very vague, and these days can be stretched to fit within the bracket of "unorthodoxy". Secular liberalism does seem to hit some sort of limit in that it fails to encompass those who embrace relegious ideals as well as political conservatism. As a result, the "moral right" are equally quick to exclude liberal thought, which leads to this new ultra-contemporary form of western social orthodoxy.

Maybe your blog is caught up in this fight, or maybe it's just something borne out of clerical action, either a mistake or some personal jealousy, or a reasoned effort to streamline workplace Internet habits. To be frank, I'm personally not that big on Internet surfing at work, but [hypocrisy alert] it's been ages since I've had the kind of job where it matters what I do with the Internet as I work.